Millennium Nails UV Gel Manicure Kit


I’m a big fan of gel/shellac manicures. They look super shiny and last ages which is pretty much everything you want from a good manicure. However they ‘ain’t exactly cheap. My local salon does them for £30 or £35 if you’re also having a previous manicure taken off and £30-£35 a month adds up!

So when I saw an offer from Millennium Nails in Company Magazine I was very intrigued. It was kind of long time ago so sorry if the details aren’t exactly right but I think it was 70% off their UV gel kit (pictured above) which included:

  • UV lamp with set of bulbs
  • UV gel cleanser
  • Acetone polish remover
  • Pack of lint free wipes
  • Top and base coat
  • Your choice of 4 colour polishes

With the discount all of the above came to a mere £80 (approx.) which is an absolute bargain if you ask me!

I went ahead and bought it with the intention of saving money on my own manicures and offering them to friends and family. Now, I’m not a professional nail technician, I don’t have any qualifications or anything but I wear nail polish a lot and have had a few manicures in my time so I know the basics.

On the whole the kit is very good (especially for that price!) One thing I will say is, some of the colour examples they give on the site are slightly different to what you receive (I later ordered a 5th colour which I thought was a baby/pastel pink but the actual colour was more of a fuchsia and is very similar to the pink I chose in my original 4.)

I’ve had the kit for a few months now so my technique is definitely improving. Though my first attempt (shown below) was somewhat shaky, I found the kit very easy to use- the website has basic instructions you can follow and I was happy with the results as they lasted nearly a full 2 weeks.


The second attempt was on my housemate’s nails and hers also lasted 2 weeks however this was not always the case. One friend had hers chip after less than a week, others said theirs lasted up to 3 weeks and a couple of my own chipped within a week. Everyone’s nails were properly prepped before hand (cleaned, buffed, filed etc.) and cured under the lamp for the correct amount of time so I’m not really sure why the results were inconsistent. It could have been a number of things I guess (me getting used to using the kit, the condition of each persons nails, what they were doing with their hands or the quality of the polishes.)

In any case I’m really happy with the kit. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it and saved myself a few quid in the process so I’m really glad I bought it and would definitely recommend it for personal use. Some examples of manicures I’ve given to friends can be seen in this blog’s header and a more recent personal attempt is shown below. As you can see the finish is a lot neater now!



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