My (Mini) Make Up School Experience

So last summer I was unemployed (no change there then) and wanting to fill my time doing something fun and constructive. I’d always wanted to do a make up course so I started doing some research. I was looking for short courses that weren’t going to break the bank (pffft, good luck!) Anyway, after looking around for a while I decided on the Introduction to Beauty Make Up short course at London College of Fashion.

The option I chose was the full time, five day course which ran from 10:00am to about 5:00pm (sometimes we’d finish a bit earlier) Monday -Friday, at the Lime Grove campus near Shepherds Bush. They also have the option to do the same course in 5 weeks which runs on Saturdays only. It was £650 and at the end of the week you got to go on a 35% off shopping session at MAC (err, yes please!) On the first day you also had the option to purchase a set of brushes at the discounted price of £70 by Pazery Bouffard. I’d personally never heard of them but I think it’s an O.K set for beginners and if you didn’t have a full set of your own brushes you basically had to buy them or you wouldn’t be able to do the course, so it was a no brainer.

I really loved the course and can’t recommend it enough. It was run by a professional make up artist called Ruth Brophy who is so lovely and managed to cram an incredible amount into each session. She was really encouraging and easy to talk to and gave great feedback. The day would start with a general chat about what we’d be doing, which usually included a slide show of examples and then Ruth would demonstrate on the model. We then paired off and recreated the looks on each other.

It was so much fun, I didn’t want the week to end! I learnt loads considering it was only five days (and took a stupid amount of illegible notes) and had such a laugh, it really is a good beginners course. Some of the stuff we learnt was totally new and fascinating to me, some I already knew thanks to my addiction to online tutorials but it was all from a different perspective so still mega useful. One of my fave parts was learning how to contour and highlight properly and what products work best (all products used in the class are MAC). Below is a picture of yours truly, demonstrating the areas of the face that can be highlighted or contoured. The white is the highlight, the black is the contour (duh).


Totally never thought to contour the tip of my nose to make it look less long and witch-like, genius!

Also learning how to fill in brows was a revelation! I never used to fill in my brows ’cause I was like, well they’re already black so there’s no point. Which seems stupid as hell now that I know what a difference it makes in making them look even and uniform and just awesome! (I may do another post on brows at a later date- I’m a little bit obsessed with them…)

Not sure what else I can tell you without just repeating what’s on the site but if you’ve got the money, time and interest then check it out. It was actually a lot more “pro” than I was expecting, if that makes sense…? Anyway I really want to do the next level up from this course but it’s another 650 bucks that I just don’t have at the mo. Maybe one day…


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