Take A Brow

Here it is, the brow post! When I first started plucking my brows I think I was about 15. Before then they were very full and dark with no real shape, not necessarily bushy but prominent. Back in those days the style was to have quite defined brows so I went to town on the plucking! I remember coming into school and all the girls in my class kind of whispering behind my back about how different it looked. It’s safe to say I may have gone slightly overboard. Anyway I figured it out eventually and from then on I became obsessed with eye brows. To this day it’s one of the first things I notice about a person (usually women). Every time I see someone who has plucked their brows into oblivion and all thats left is a sparse line of single hairs in a row, I want to reach out and shake the person and shout “WHY WOMAN?!”

I personally think eyebrows can make or break a face. I’m not saying everyone needs to walk around with a really full, defined brow but they frame the face so they need to have some kind of shape and, you know, be existent! (Have you seen those pics online of celebs with their eyebrows photoshopped out? Seriously creepy.)

Needless to say I’ve grown mine out since my teen years but because I was such a mother plucker, there are still bits that are kind of sparser than I’d like. I also have a scar on my right brow from when my younger brother whacked me over the face with a telephone receiver when he was two years old (charming). As I mentioned in my previous post, I never used to fill my brows in. They’re really dark and quite thick so I just never saw the need but then I’d still moan about how they never looked how I wanted them to (literally, how dumb can you get?) Then I took part in a beauty make up short course (detailed in the previous post) where we had to fill in brows as part of the looks we were doing. This was a game changer for me! My brows had never looked so good. The product used on me in the class was the MAC self propelling brow pencil in Stud (which is sort of like a really thin crayon) so I went right out and bought it and now filling in my brows is my favourite part of my make up routine. I just love watching the shape come together and how much more “finished” it makes the whole look.

At the moment I’m using the Chanel Perfect Brows eyebrow palette in 20 Brun because my mum bought it for me as a gift (aww). It comes with 3 colours, a light, a medium and a dark (I only use the dark). It looks like it’s going to be powdery like an eyeshadow but actually it’s kind of chalkier, almost a cross between a powder and a wax… (does this even make sense?) Anyway I really like it, it gives a bit more of a subtle effect than Stud. It comes with a mini brow brush, applicator and tweezers (which are really cute but I don’t use as they don’t have a sharp edge, which I prefer in a tweezer.) I think the MAC pencil is slightly easier to use ’cause you just pop off the lid, fill and go and the palette and brush thing is a bit more fiddly as the brush is quite thick and coarse but it kind of needs to be in order to pick up the product. Anyway I like it just fine and my Stud has run out so this is a good substitute.


I don’t think I’ll be buying it myself though as I just checked the price and it’s £43 (WTF?!) on the House of Fraser website which is massively out of my price range!

Anyway below are a few pics of what I look like before and after brow filling with this palette. Soz about the crappy picture quality, my camera is actually being repaired at the mo. so I just took these with my Mac Book webcam… Hopefully you get the gist.









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