OCC Lip Tar


So kind of a quick one today as I’m about to go out. Last week I ordered 2 items from American companies, which I’m really excited about! One was Lime Crime‘s nail polish in Pastelchio, which is this amazing, unique neon-y, pistachio colour. I havent even tried it yet though because I have a gel manicure on at the mo. (obvs) and it’s not ready to come off yet. But as soon as I do try it, I’ll do a post about it.

The second was Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (or OCC) lip tar in Harlot. I first heard about OCC Lip Tar aaaaages ago (maybe like a year) on a Vintage or Tacky YouTube tutorial and was super intrigued. I am a huge fan of lipsticks, from classic reds and bright pinks all the way through to deep purples and peachy nudes. I originally wanted to order the shade Grandma which is a light coral but the actual OCC wbsite doesn’t ship to the UK (neither does Lime Crime) so I bought both products on a different site, Cocktail Cosmetics which didn’t stock the shade Grandma.

Anyway Harlot caught my eye- it’s a pink toned bright red, described as a “popsicle red/coral” which is a pretty good description. I’ve only used it once but I love it! You only need the smallest amount as it is MEGA pigmented so I guess it’ll last for ages and it smells of peppermint! The colour in the tube is almost an exact match to how it looks, it goes on a tiny bit lighter than the shade it actually dries to but the difference isn’t huge. As it’s essentially a stain rather than a gloss, it is quite drying so you’ll need to prep your lips beforehand. Use more and it looks like a matte lipstick, use less and it’s a bold stain but don’t go overboard! You really don’t need as much as you think and too much can lead to it feathering around the lip. When I put it on it was literally just to test it, my lips were really dry anyway so I then had to put some lip balm over the top which turned it into a gloss but it kind of got really messy so I just wiped it off. That means I don’t know how long it lasts but I can tell just from wearing it for a while that it’s probably quite long lasting, I’m going to wear it again tonight so we’ll see.

Bottom line: I really like it, I love the colour, I can see myself wearing it a lot and I’d love to get it in different shades. Boom.


Ps: Sorry again for poor image quality, my camera’s being repaired so I used my phone. Also my eyes look kind of wonky in this pic… dunno what that’s about. Sorry for all the typos, I’m going out and don’t have time to proof read so will do it when I get back ahhhh!


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