So Good It’s a (Lime) Crime


So, can we talk about Lime Crime nail polish please? How wicked is this colour?! I just think it’s so unique, I got so many compliments wearing it. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago it’s called Pastelchio (which is kind of a mouthful) and it’s from Lime Crime. Their packaging is to die for. Even though I have about 1000 lipsticks, I want to buy one of theirs just for the super kitsch purple, silver, unicorn tube it comes in!

Back to the polish. I actually used it in between a gel/shellac base and top coat to make it last longer. Because I had a gel base coat on, the Lime Crime polish went on really weirdly. The first coat was really streaky and almost glue-like, the second coat went on better and once the gel top coat was added it was all smoothed out. Now, I’m just assuming this was due to having a gel base coat on as I’ve never experienced that with any other polish and I haven’t done this half gel/half normal method before. It did work quite well, somehow I managed to get one quite big chip a few hours after I’d applied it but the rest of it lasted really well and didn’t chip for a good 4/5 days. I then just peeled it off ’cause I was feeling lazy… however this meant it left a bit of a greenish/yellow tinge on my nails, which I wasn’t expecting seeing as I had a base coat on, so I had to whack another colour straight on because my nails looked kind of gross. Next time I wear it I’m going to do it with out the gel base and top coat, to see how long it lasts. I love the colour though, it’s so pretty and almost looks like it should glow in the dark (it did glow under the UV light when I was curing the top coat, which was kinda cool!) I’ll definitely be buying other colours, they have a really cute orange and blue in similar pastel-y/neon shades. WANT!

Oh and just a side note about the OCC Lip tar, now that I’ve used it a bit more. It doesn’t last a long as some of my normal lipsticks (which don’t budge all night). It does stain the lips but it’s not touch proof, so if you eat/ drink/ kiss, it will come off on the glass/spoon/cheek so your left with that annoying thing of the colour having faded a little in the centre of the lip but not round the edges which isn’t a good look. It’s not drastic, you could probably get away with it but I’m really picky about my lip colour looking perfect! Also because you have to apply it with a brush it’s a bit of a pain to take out with you and re-apply in a dingy club bathroom so I just took a Revlon lipstick I have in a similar shade and used that to re apply when needed. I still like the product though and will keep using it.



4 thoughts on “So Good It’s a (Lime) Crime

  1. I just recently purchased some neon stuff.. i might as well write a post on it… id been obsessing over neon for so long.. love love it all..
    I just so wish i find this shade here 😛

    • I didn’t actually get mine from the Lime Crime website because they don’t ship to the UK, I got it from a site called Cocktail Cosmetics. Google it, maybe you’ll find somewhere that ships to you!

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