I Wuv Wipick

I LOVE lipstick. It’s the best. I have a lot in all the colours of the rainbow (except green and yellow- gross) and could keep on buying them forever.

When I was little I used to watch my mother put on makeup at her dressing table. It was all  wells glam. It was the 80’s so she had very big hair and long red talons (sometimes she would wear stick on, metallic gold nails. Yes, my mum is that cool) and was usually wearing something shoulder padded. She had liquid eyeliner that was in a metallic red “pen” and had a felt tip applicator (I tried to draw with it once and got told off) and if she was really going for it she’d slick on some lush, velvety red lipstick to finish the whole thing off. One of them was a deep red from Chanel and there was a more pink toned, Revlon one which was either called Cherries in The Snow or something to do with a dragon (Dragon’s Blood? Is that a bit much for Revlon?) and she had the matching nail polish. Obv.

The lipstick was always the best part to watch- COLOURS! For me, a chubby 3/4yr old lolling about on the bed in my pants, it seemed like witchcraft! How do you do that?! You’re just colouring in your face with crayons and felt tips and you’ve managed to make yourself look like the women in those shiny picture books you buy and not gone out the lines- good work! Can I have a go?? (Of course I actually knew the word for magazine! Please. Apparently I was speaking in full sentences at a freakishly early age and the only word I couldn’t pronounce was lipstick. I would say “wipick”- OH THE IRONY!) Also, my mum actually hardly wore any make up because she was stunning and had and STILL HAS the most amazing skin so the lipstick was the boldest thing she’d apply. And blusher. T’was the 80s after all.

Fast forward a few years and I was at the makeup wearing age. Of course I was still too young to be whacking out Cherries In The Snow. I think if I had tried I would have looked like I’d used an actual Crayola. I was more of a ‘one shade of grey and lashings of eye liner smoky eye’ kind of gal. I used to wear glasses and had braces so I thought my eyes needed decorating to make me look less like a MASSIVE DWEEBUS. Oh and I also had acne so needed to plaster foundation on with a trowel to have any hope of covering the ugly, angry redness that was my face (not my best years) so can you imagine what lipstick would have looked like on top of that monstrosity?! {Shudders} plus I went to school in the film Mean Girls so, no doubt there would have been whole lot of 3 way calling going on behind my back calling me a demented clown hooker.

Since entering the world of the 20 something I have rekindled my love of those waxy bullets of joy and now may be considered a bit of an addict. If I’m going out, a hit of red, pink, purple and sometimes even dusty rose will usually finish off my look. My all time fave, super cheap, go to red is ‘Showbiz’ by 17, weirdly bought for me by my friend Joe because I got to his house in Essex for a fancy dress party having left my own Chanel at home and threw fit because my costume wouldn’t be complete without it (slutty nurse) so he went out and bought me the first red lipstick he could find. Mental. Also a big fan of MAC ‘So Chaud’ a very matte orangey-red that I once borrowed off my friend Anne and immediately went and copied.  Revlon do a great pinky-red (sadly not Cherries In The Snow. Can’t remember the name, soz) and basically I’m just going to end up sitting here and naming every single lipstick I own because I LOVE THEM ALL!



Laying the Foundations

I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD! (So to speak) and what better way to break a long silence than a good old chat about foundation?

At the moment I’m switching between 3 foundations. They all have their pros and cons- mainly pros or I wouldn’t be using them, doi. I wear make up pretty much every day and a good foundation is obviously a priority as it creates the canvas for whatever you put on top. I like quite a good coverage as I have dark circles under my eyes and areas of redness dotted around so the following foundations are all medium to full coverage.

1. Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup

This stuff is my favourite foundation I’ve used in years! It’s a-MAH-zing! It comes in, like a “squirty can” thing (yes, I believe that is the technical term) and comes out like a foam. It blends easily and has light reflecting bits that give my skin a really nice, subtle glow. The best thing about it is that the shade I use is one of the best matches to my skin of any other foundation I’ve ever used. Which is kind of annoying because it ran out and I THREW THE BOTTLE AWAY WITHOUT CHECKING THE NAME! But I’ve checked the website and I’m pretty sure it was Natural Beige… I actually was thinking of the name ‘sable’ in my head but they don’t even have a colour called sable soooo… It doesn’t have SPF but my moisturiser does so I’m good to go. Anyway I love it, I need to buy more of it ASAP. I would say the coverage is more medium than full but, yeah, excellent product. GOLD STAR!

2. MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation

Funny story about this one. My boyfriend actually bought it for me. Without me being there. And he got the colour pretty much spot on!!! (3.0) It claims to have special pigments and technology that match your own skin’s undertone blah blah. I’m not sure if I believe all that (because HOW, how could it possible work?!) but as I said it is a pretty damn good match if a teeny tiny bit to orangey. It is quite matte so a little harder to blend, if you have dry skin it will soak it up a bit but if you moisturise before putting on make up (which you bloody well should be doing!) then it’s not too much of a problem. A good medium to full coverage with SPF- woo!

3. MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

I first bought this ages ago and only used it a couple of times because I thought the shade I bought was way too yellow toned for me and made me look ill. Then it got used on me during my make up course and actually it wasn’t that bad at all, still a little on the yellow-er side but not as horrendous as I initially thought (bad lighting?) So I’ve started using it again as kind of a back up or if I feel like my face is feeling a bit too dry for Match Master. Nice full coverage, goes on smooth, SPF and a bit better for drier skin. If I found as good a shade I might wear it instead of Match Master, especially as it’s that bit cheaper but I guess the whole point is that it doesn’t have the “super intelligent pigments that appear to have a brain of their own and can change colour at will” so perhaps may never be as good a match in shade. Who knows?

I usually use a Real Techniques buffing brush to work them into the skin but I have a full time job now and I like my sleep so on weekdays I don’t have time to faff around with brushes. It’s faster to work it in with my hands which is just has good especially if you warm the product up by rubbing your hands for a couple of seconds. I usually finish off with a bit of MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation to really knock out any red bits and up the coverage a notch, followed by light dusting of whatever loose powder I have lying around to set it all and soak up any excess oil.

Badda bing badda boom, that’s my canvas!