Oh Make Me Overrrrrr (ba-num ba-num ba-num)

Hey hey,

Today I’m going to wax lyrical about my everyday make up routine and products.

I start by moisturising my face with an Olay day cream with SPF but I can’t remember the exact name because my Superdrug had run out las time I went to buy it. At the mo. I’m using Olay Essentials Double Action day cream in normal/dry but it don’t gots SPF. boo.

Then I use one of the foundations that I rotate (see past post- Laying the Foundations.) If I’m in a hurry or can’t be arsed I’ll rub it in with my hands. Otherwise I’ll use a Real Techniques buffing brush (loooooove Real Techniques brushes.)

At the moment I’m a bit more tanned than usual so next I use a Real Techniques stippling brush to buff in a bit of bronzer so my face matches the rest of me and I don’t end up looking like Ghostface Killah… Yes, he’s black so that reference doesn’t work at all but I really wanted to say ghost face and then it felt weird not having Killah afterwards and…

Then I finish off with a dusting off loose powder to set everything and stop myself getting greasy eye lids (eurghh) which stop my eyeliner from doing that annoying transfer thing onto the upper lid. I’m using Collection Sheer Loose Powder in ‘Barely There’. I use a… you guessed it, Real Techniques powder brush.

For blusher I either use MAC Cremeblend blush in ‘Posey’ which I push into the skin using a small blusher brush or sometimes just use my fingers. Or MAC Powder Blush in Melba, using a MAC 150 brush (I think, the numbers rubbed off…) If I’m feeling fancy I’ll dust a little MAC Archie’s Gals Pearlmatte Face Powder in ‘Flatter Me’ on my cheekbones and bridge of nose to subtly highlight that shizz. I use a REALLY old Mister Mascara blusher brush.

I usually wear eyeliner on the top lid, unless I’m not really doing anything major or I want to look super natural. For a going out look I use MAC Black Track and wing it out with a thin eye liner brush. For more of a daytime look I’ll just use an eye liner pencil and not wing it out, currently using Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Black (doi). I’ve just looked at it and it re-he-heally needs sharpening.

Then mascara. Up until, literally the other day I always used Max Factor False Lash Effect in Black which gives a lot of volume and adds a bit of length. I fancied a change for some reason so I bought Loreal Voluminous which I think is quite old but I wanted to try one with an actual bristly brush. The Max factor one has one of those spikey brushes and it’s quite fat so it’s hard to get in the corners and do the lower lashes without making a mess. And no one likes mess.

If I’m wearing eye liner I’ll fill my brows in with MAC Eye Brow crayon in ‘Stud’. I don’t fill in my brows if I’m not wearing eye liner because it looks kind of weird.

If I’m wearing lipstick I start with MAC Prep + Prime Lip, wait for it to sink in a bit, apply lippie, blot, re- apply.

Wham Bam thank you fam.






New Shizzle

Morning campers.

Today I thought I’d do a mini review of two products I recently bought. ‘Citing!

The first is Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser in Cocoa Radiant. Now, I think we can all agree that moisturising your entire body after a shower is a massive ball ache. But since my mum has been slathering me in moisturiser since I was born (“You’ll thank me when you’re older and don’t have skin like leather!”) it’s a step I cannot miss as my skin feels crepey and dusty and horrid if I don’t do it. So along comes this little bad boy to make the whole thing a lot easier.


Incase you haven’t figured it out yet, you spray it on. To be honest why wasn’t this invented ages ago? Sun cream have been doing it for years! It’s a continuous spray not a pump so you just spritz, rub it in and go. It’s quite light and absorbs quickly so you don’t have to wait around for that slightly sticky feeling to go away before putting on clothes (pulling skinny jeans onto freshly moisturised legs? Shudder.)

Now, I usually use the normal version of this exact moisturiser so I’m probably in quite a good position to compare. Sure, it was super easy to apply. It dried almost a tad too quickly if you ask me so I felt I had to apply more to feel like I’d covered everywhere. It is a lot thinner in texture to the normal one so you do need to use a bit more. I did feel moisturised straight afterwards but as the day went on I kind of felt like it was “wearing off” and started to feel a bit dry. My skin was still soft to the touch and wasn’t flaky, so it may just be that I was used to that thick, sticky feeling and need to adjust to the feeling of it being absorbed straight away? I don’t think it’s great to use on anywhere you get extra dry (hands and feet for me) so I had to revert to the normal stuff to feel like I’d properly moisturised that area. I personally wouldn’t recommend it if you have very dry skin as it’s just not thick enough so you may have to use loads.

Verdict: Very quick and easy to use, does the job for the most part though you may need normal moisturiser for drier areas. Ideal if you’re in a hurry. I feel like I’ve said “moisturise” a lot in this section. Oh well, it’s over now.

The second product is Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Whip. I bought this because I wanted something like mousse that wouldn’t leave my hair crunchy and I read on the Guardian website that a whip is the thing to go for and this was one of the recommended ones.


First things first- it ‘ain’t cheap at £7 something from Boots but I was really keen to try it as I thought it might work wonders for my curly cocker spaniel barnet (refer to a post from July- Hair Raising). Since buying it I haven’t actually left my hair fully curly because… well because I just don’t do that, so the real test will be when I go on holiday (yes, again.)

I would describe it as a pomade that has been whipped (duh) so it’s quite light and mousse like- but the texture of chocolate mousse not hair mousse… feel me? Anyway I’ve used it a couple of times to add volume and styled my hair normally. It says to use a walnut sized amount but I think walnuts are gross so I didn’t really know how much that was and I think I went slightly overboard because my fringe felt a bit coated afterwards. The second time I used less and it was fine- no yucky, product build up feeling. You work it into your roots the same way you would a mousse.

I have to say I think it did kind of work. Now I must add that I have recently cut layers into my hair to it has more of a bounce anyway but this definitely added lift and there was no crunchy feeling at all. I’m actually really excited to use it and leave my hair curly because I think it’ll really help with the flatness at the top. And it smells good.

Verdict: Does the job but not something I’ll be using every day (which is probs for the best at that price.) There must be a cheaper alternative out there that’s just as good or better? Let me know if any of you have found one.

Over and out.

Happy Holiday

Hola! I’m back from holiday! Well actually I got back like 3 weeks ago and guess what I discovered on my return…?! The place I was working full time has now closed down, so I am (f)unemployed once again! Woo effing hoo. So this should mean more frequent posts but probably actually just means more time to sit around watching ‘Suits’ in my PJs.

Anyway, I thought I’d kick off with a mini post about my holiday nailzz. I bought a new shade of gel polish from Ebay. A really pretty peachy/coral that’s also almost a bit neon. Then I went for good old Pastelchio from Lime Crime on my toes. They made a really good combo and I got quite a few compliments. I was worried about the new gel polish as it was really cheap, only £3.50. The brand was ‘Gel Polish’ but the packing has almost exactly the same branding as ‘Gelish’ bottles and I think it came from China or somewhere so I was like, hmmm is this some kind of a knock off? Anyway I was really pleased with it. The actual colour was really close to the colour advertised in the pic, which in my experience is almost never the case. It lasted pretty well too. Obviously on holiday you’re in and out of the sea and constantly putting on sun cream which is all going to contribute to your polish chipping (even if it is gel) but mine were good for just over a week. Heres the link to the sellers page, there are a shit load of colours to chose from including GLITTERY ONES! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/140994664381?var=440135800956&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

And here’s a pic for your viewing pleasure…

ImageLook how they go with my super cool Primark towel!