Reach for the Lasers


Sorry, I’ve been rub-a-dub-ish at posting lately. Well, I was in Ibiza for a week (yes, amazing) but I’ve been back for a while so no excuse really.
So this is a quickie just to show you another great shellac colour, the greeny/yellowy (more yellow really) neony one. It looked really good and I got quite a few compliments from randoms actually, which is always nice innit? Ibiza was fab as always, the bight colour went great with a bit of a tan and the backdrop of neon lights. Weirdly enough as I was on the tube to the airport I realised my nails kind of matched again, maybe this could be a theme! They lasted a full week with 0 chips then v. minimal chipping for a couple of days but obviously the sun, sea and sun cream meant it was never gonna last as long. Anyway as you already know I’m a happy bunny when it comes to this brand (see past posts for details) they are cheap as chips and do the job nicely. Got a burgundy one to try for Autumn/Winter so updates on that as and when.



Totes Balearic…

And of course the classic tube, Line Camera shot (can something be a classic after only one previous? Lets go with yes.)


The neon-ness doesn’t really come across in the pics annoyingly, just looks like normal yellow but they were wells rave-tastic, honest!
Ok so thats it. More videos soon come, hopefully with a better camera. Had a few people go out and buy that Sally Hansen polish so I must be doing something right…?

Hasta luego!


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