Brush It Off


I was a bit sad to write this post and was kind of avoiding it which is why there has been a bit of radio silence from me since my last video. But also because I don’t like to just post for the sake of it. I prefer to actually have something to say rather than just tell you what nail polish I wore last week but have no real opinion on it.
Something I do have an opinion on, as you all know, are Real Techniques Brushes. Love ’em, can’t get enough of ’em, spend all my money on ’em. So I was a little disappointed (read; devo’d) when I bought one that didn’t really float my boat. SHOCK HORROR, I know and what makes it worse is that everyone else seems to love it.

Real Techniques brushes are the lovechild of Sam Chapman, a make up artist who also has a YouTube channel, Pixiwoo (no, I don’t get what the name means either) with her sister, Nic who is also a make up artist. I watch Pixiwoo quite a lot because they do brilliant tutorials and also reviews and stuff and that’s how I found out about Sam’s brush line.
Anyway, I have a load of them which I can’t be bothered to list now but I mention in my video Things I Like 1. I have always used the Buffing Brush for foundation, which comes as part of the Core Collection and Sam’s Picks sets. It’s light and fluffy, blends product REALLY well and is easy to use. But then I got greedy. I saw that Sam and Nic and a lot of other people also used the Expert Face Brush to do their foundation so I thought, “it must have something the buffing brush doesn’t… I MUST OWN IT!”
I have used it about four or five times now but TBH I didn’t like it from the off and I’ll try my best to explain why. The bristles are shorter and more packed together than the Buffing Brush so they don’t spread out on your face as much, they’re much stiffer. So it feels like you’re putting the product on with one stroke and when you go back in to blend your just scraping most of it off. As I said, I used it a few times to give it the benefit of the doubt but I felt like I incurred the same problem each time. This meant I was using more product than usual to get the right amount of coverage and my make up looked really cakey and not blended and I was really unhappy with my face! I even looked up the specific tutorial for using the Expert Face Brush on the Real Techniques website and it looked great when Sam used it and she wasn’t doing anything different to me but somehow it just doesn’t work for me. Maybe the people that like it don’t need as much coverage as I do, I dunno. I really wanted to love it but I just can’t get on board with it and all the problems I had with it were highlighted even more when I then went back to my trusty old Buffing Brush and it provided the great blending and coverage I’d become used to. Interestingly the Expert face Brush doesn’t feature in the Sam’s Picks set but the Buffing brush does… well well well. Take from that what you will.

There you have it, I am SORRY Sam Chapman and Real Techniques fans across the globe but you know, you can’t win ’em all. Hail to the Buffing Brush.

Ps: All my RT brushes were purchased online at Boots in the UK but they are also available at Superdrug and other online shops. The links in the post are from the Real Techniques website which is an American site so pricing is in dollas’.


Acne Be Gone!


A video about how I got rid of my acne.
Roaccutane is an incredibly controversial drug. I speak about it quite light heartedly in the video but the side effects are SERIOUS and as I mentioned, it has been linked to suicide in some cases. You won’t be able to just walk into you Dr’s office and ask to be put on it. You will have to go through a number of different avenues before they prescribe it, which could take months or years and it is a last resort.

Also when I say acne I mean acne, I don’t mean bad skin or a few spots/ blemishes here and there. This type of acne is caused by HORMONES and imbalances within your body, not just from eating badly or not taking your make up off etc. and it was a problem I had for a number of years. I just wanted to clear those two things up as I don’t think I stressed them enough in the video.

My Dirty Little Beauty Secret

Now look here, I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of short cuts. I like to save time here and there, who doesn’t? If I can get a job done in one step rather than 3 then I’m going to go for it. There are a number of things in life that people say you “should” do but honestly, who can be arsed?

And so to my confession: I ONLY USE A FACE WIPE TO TAKE OFF MY MAKE UP…!
Yup, it’s true. I bloody love a face wipe. In fact one of my best friends says the way she will always remember me is sitting on my bed in Pjs and a Papa Roach hoodie (rock on) taking off my make up with a face wipe. To be honest I was quite offended by this as it makes it sound like we have the most BORING FRIENDSHIP EVER but there you go. I am synonymous with face wipes. And you know what, that is fine by me.

We’re told that we need to cleanse, tone and moisturise every night, sometimes even twice a day! Are you actually mental?! Have the words “Ain’t no body got time for that” ever rung truer?? I for one, am not at my most productive right before I go to bed. You are damn lucky I’m taking my make up off at all, let alone spending 20 minutes faffing about by the sink with a shit load of lotions and potions. Grab yourself a wipe, get the base off with one side, flip it over and do the eyes, bish bash bosh bed. I use an apricot scrub 2-3 times a week for a deeper clean and that’s fine for me. I just don’t think you need to do it every day, especially if you haven’t even been wearing make up! Leave your face to sit in it’s natural oils for a bit, there has to be some benefits to that.

Weirdly enough, my afore mentioned friend CTM’s everyday and she says she thinks it makes her skin feel drier but she’s so in the habit she can’t not do it. I used to have acne real bad (video soon come) and my face is still quite oily in places but I’m happy with the results I get from a wipe. Granted, they won’t work for everyone, some people might need to cleanse their skin properly to avoid breakouts etc but EVERY DAY? Really?? My mum used to take her make up off with a bit of toilet paper and some Vaseline. I mean, rubbing Vaseline into your face and then scraping it off with a rough bit of toilet paper can’t be “good for you” but she has amazing skin! And she has never washed her face with soap, water only because it dries her out. She was even concerned by the fact that I use a scrub now and again.

It all just seems like a bit off a ball ache to me. So now you know my dirty little secret. Maybe when I’m old I’ll have terrible skin, and I’ll throw my packet of wipes into the fire, cursing and wailing “why didn’t I just cleanse, tone and moisturise like they told me toooooooooooo?!” but ’til that day comes I say damn The Man, save the wipe!

Wipes 4 lyf

Things I Like 1


A likkle vid about some things I purchased recently that I really like (and one thing I’m not a fan of) plus a couple of old faves. La la la, hope you like.

*DISCLAIMER* The nail polish I am referring to is NOT actually by the brand ‘Gellish’, that was a slip up (my bad). It is from eBay and is a gel polish/ shellac colour.