Pore Thing

GretchenMy hairline is so weird.

Regina: My pores are huge.

Karen: My nail beds suck.
We’re all familiar with this classic Mean Girls quote (and if you’re not quite frankly what are you doing with your life?! Stop reading this immediately and go and watch Mean Girls…and then come back and finish this when you’re done) and I’m sure we’ve all chortled away. “Hahaha silly bints, what ridiculous things to be worried about! This film is jokes etc etc.” Well that was my reaction anyway until the other day. As you MAY have heard by now, I had no form of skin care routine up until a few weeks ago. It was face wipes at dawn until I decided that it was time to grow up and start looking after my face a bit more. This was all going grand and you can read about the transition here if you so wish.
HOWEVERRRRR back when I was a wipe wielder I never really paid that much attention to the condition of my skin. Well obviously but what I mean is I never really took much notice of blemishes and I literally never gave a second thought to the size or visibility of my pores. Like, ever. This may be down to the fact that after my acne ridden teen years anything since has just seemed minor, or at least all part and parcel of having normal skin. You get the odd blemish now and then, everyone does. Big whoop. I quite liked this form of ignorance being bliss, finally my skin was something that didn’t really cause me much grief and I was free to channel my energy into stressing about my ham arms (because the shape of my arms looks like a leg of ham hanging in a butcher’s window. Duh) or my unfair gum to tooth ratio. Now though, I notice things and one of the main things is my pores. I look into the mirror in the morning and my face is just pores. Pores as far as the eye can see, like the craters of the damn moon* and I am annoyed by this! It’s only really when my face is bare, once I’ve got make up on I find they are much less noticeable but stiiiiillllll.
We all know that pores are not meant to be seen. “MAKES PORES LESS VISIBLE!” “Reduces shine and TIGHTENS PORES!” the products shout at us from the shelves and magazines. Why am I suddenly so aware of my bloody pores?! Is it my Bioderma or my Le Roche-Posay doing weird things to my skin or is it just that I never noticed it before because I wasn’t looking for it? Or could it be that face wipes are actually the secret miracle skin care hero we’ve all been waiting for and we needn’t bother with any of that other crap…?!?! To be honest I’m not sure if I can be arsed to find out. It’s taken me this long to graduate to actual make up remover and it’s costing me a lot more money, I’m not about to go testing out every product under the sun so I’m just going to have to get over it I guess? It makes me a bit sad actually, I don’t really fancy having yet one more thing about my appearance that bothers me and knowing me, I’ll never be able to stop obsessing over it SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO FIX IT NOWWWWWW!!
The stupid thing is I’m sure no one else could even tell before and now you’ll all be noticing it too…
*Slight exaggeration

Time To Face Facts

Guess what y’all… After my rant about only ever using face wipes I now have an actual skin care routine!!!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit, however I don’t use face wipes anymore! (Sorry Kate, can’t find my Papa Roach hoody either. End of an era.) Since turning Twenty something something I decided that it was probably time to take my skin care up a notch.

So I now use the ever popular cult classic Bioderma (Sensibio H2O – Micelle Solution) which is a French product. It’s a SUPER gentle cleanser that basically feels like using water on your face but has loads of good stuff in it to help cleanse impurities. I think it used to only be available in France and certain websites but I’ve heard rumours that due to its growing popularity it will soon be available in some Boots stores- Praise be! If you can’t wait ’til then, I got mine online from Escentual. I just soak a large cotton pad, sweep it all over my face (using both sides) and then use another soaked pad to remove my eye make up. I feel so clean in refreshed afterwards and my skin actually feels quite soft. If I’m feeling really flash I then go over my face again with an Olay toner to make sure I’m squeaky clean- I accidentally picked up the anti wrinkle one so guess that’s an added bonus, though not really sure how it works…

Anyway thennnnnn I use a little bit of La Roche- Posay Effaclar Duo [+] on my T- Zone. Another French product which has the beauty blogging world buzzing (I’m probably the last one to get it.) It helps with oily, blemish prone skin and stops marks and scars from forming. It’s also Paraben free and claims to unclog blocked pores and gently exfoliate and is suitable for even sensitive skin! I mean if you read the description on Escentual it literally sounds like the all in one miracle worker you’ve always wanted! It’s not even bank breakingly expensive and you can buy it here.

photo (10)

I still use my apricot scrub now and again but I’ve also incorporated a thermal mask from Sanctuary, also purchased from Boots. It heats up on contact with skin to open pores and then immediately cools and you only have to leave it on for 5 mins! I then just wash it off with a face cloth.

So anyway HOW FANCY AM I THESE DAYS?! I feel like a proper grown up and stuff and I can really feel the difference in my skin already. I mean, duh, I still sleep in my make up now and again and will def. be reaching for the wipes when I’m in a hurry or feeling lazy but hey, baby steps.


Things I Like 2 <<<<<< Click here to watch the vid on YouTube!

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FINALLLLLYYYYYY!!! I did it, I filmed and edited a new vid- took me forever but here it is.
I realise I say “Umm” in it a lot, like A LOT. Dunno why, maybe I was feeling a bit awkward because it was the first time using my new camera and filming in my bedroom and blah blah. Also, I’ll be the first to admit it’s a tiny bit boring… Who knows, hopefully next time will be better!

Camera: Canon 600D