Hair Today Gone Tomorrow


So its been pretty much exactly a year (maybe a teeny bit longer) since I chopped off my boob length locks up to just about above my shoulders. It’s actually grown pretty fast, I think I’ve only cut the length once or twice (have also cut layers into it once and refreshed them once). I find it hard to remember because I’ve been doing it MYSELF with a Creaclip which is the most amazing invention ever! I’m not going to go into that now though because it’s kind of hard to explain but in the mean time Google that shit, there are soooooooo many vids demonstrating/ explaining it.

Anyhoo, as much as I really liked the change and how liberating it felt just to lop all that length off, I think I’m gonna stick to it being long for now. I just prefer it on me. I actually feel like longer hair makes me look a bit younger and I just feel more me with it long. Also when it was short I had to full on straighten it as trying to leave it semi wavy/ natural just didn’t work at that length because it became a full on frizz fest. It needs the weight to kind of calm it down a bit. If you haven’t read about my Cocker Spaniel-esqe curls you can do so here.

Just a bit longer to go…



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