This Post Has No Pictures


It’s me. Yes, I know, I haven’t blogged in a millennium but there are a few reasons for this.

One is just pure and simple laziness if I’m totally honest. I’ve had a post sitting in my drafts for about 28 years and all I need to do is going and check the actual names for some of the products that I mention but for some reason I just keep forgetting and then when I do remember I can’t be arsed.

The second is that I genuinely have so much less time than I used to now that I’m working full time. I don’t get home until around 8:00pm and by the time I’ve been to the shop, done the leftover dishes, put a wash on, eaten dinner etc. etc. it’s 11:00 and I just want to go to bed! And even on the weekends I usually have stuff going on. Sure, I could whack out the actual writing in about half an hour but it takes a long time to do the research, photograph everything/ yourself (after applying a full face of make up and getting the lighting right) or sit down and film and then edit and upload a video, especially with my very basic skills.

The main reason is that at the moment I’m finding it all a bit pointless. The internet is absolutely SATURATED with beauty blogs and vlogs and everyone is saying the SAME THING! Literally everyone. And it’s not like I have access to products and launches before the general public or get sent a shit ton of free stuff on a weekly basis like the bigger bloggers do. I only have what I get lucky enough to be given as gifts or what I buy for myself and since I’m not a millionaire I’m not really buying new stuff often enough to have anything new to say. And even if I did, does anyone really care? Is anyone even reading this? Probably not as I managed to lose all my (few) followers a while ago trying to be clever with WordPress when I really had no clue what I was doing.

Which leads me nicely onto my final reason. I’m in a bit of a weird state of limbo at the moment. I’ve bought a domain with a totally different name because I need to re-brand as there are many other blogs with this name but I’m struggling to get help with moving everything over and set it all up and after my previous debacle I’m just paranoid to try and do it myself. And also the time thing again.

Even if I figure that out and somehow manage to find the time there is still the main reason of really having nothing new to say and actually boring my own self with some of the shite I’ve been coming up with lately… I don’t like spouting the same bollocks as everyone else, that’s the whole reason I started the blog in the first place but I somehow seem to have settled into a very boring, repetitive groove and I have no means of breaking out of it… I’ll probably still post the (very dull) thing in my drafts as I’ve got this far so I may as bloody well now and I’ve just bought a new ring light off eBay (why?!) so I guess I’ll have to film again at some point but I just really don’t know at the moment.

The End…?

PS: I HATE adding tags it takes fricking ages!!