Does Anybody Even Need These?

My generation will probably be the last one that isn’t full of make up experts. When you grow up with resources like YouTube, Instagram etc. you can learn how to do pretty much anything and makeup application is no exception. It’s thanks to this that you see young kids and teenagers walking around with perfect brows and cut creases. It’s official the awkward/ ugly phase doesn’t exist anymore.

I definitely paid my makeup dues as a teenager and 20 something but since then I have improved my skills and picked up some useful tips which I thought I’d share with those of you that aren’t into spending hours on end watching beauty YouTubers… Pay it forward and all that jazz.

  • After you’ve buffed in your foundation, swipe the brush along your face in the same direction that your peach fuzz grows for a smoother finish
  • Use a nude/ flesh coloured eyeliner in your water line to open up your eyes (not a white one like in my day…) Looks really good with a smoked out lower lash line.
  • Don’t bring your highlighter too far down onto your cheeks to avoid looking “sweaty”
  • Run a little bit of bronzer under your lower lip to make it look a bit fuller and on the tip of your nose to make it look shorter
  • After applying powder, use a duo fibre brush to blend anywhere you have fine lines (under eyes, laugh lines) to stop the powder settling there
  • Remember- shimmery products will enhance fine lines and wrinkles
  • Using a cuticle oil after painting your nails helps them dry quicker (don’t ask me how but it works!)
  • Avoid lipstick on your teeth with the finger trick- after you’ve applied lipstick put your finger in your mouth, pout your lips over it and pull it out. It removes any lipstick from the insides of your lips that can transfer to teeth.
  • You can never spend too long blending your eyeshadow (but use very light strokes in a “window wiper” or circular motion)
  • Applying shimmery eyeshadows and pressed glitters with your finger makes them more intense
  • A bit of a highlight shade in the inner corner of your eyes can transform an eyeshadow look
  • Push you cuticles back. I find anytime I’ve had mine cut I get those painful bits of frayed skin (ouch) but pushing them back makes a huge difference.
  • Use a green colour corrector to lessen redness from blemishes. If you don’t have one, mix a tiny bit of green eyeshadow into your concealer.

Most of you are probably reading these like, duhhhh we know all this but if you’ve learnt something new then my work here is done. If you have any amazing tips I’ve missed then please leave them in a comment! Share dat wealth.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 16.35.29.png


Grungey Smokey Eye Fail!

So back in August I spent ages filming this look and I got very sweaty and kept having to make space in the memory card and it took ages and then I kind of forgot all about it.

Having since been to California and brought back loads of swag I wanted go film a US beauty haul but thought I’d better get the smokey eye up first since I’d filmed it so long ago and it was such a ball ache. Well today I finally start to get round to it and half the bloody footage wont upload to my laptop!! Anyway after much Googling and messing around it looks like its not meant to be so I thought rather than waste the look (which I think turned out pretty good) I’d post the pictures at least.

IMG_0688 IMG_0689 IMG_0690

The basic method is to use a black gel liner or pencil to cover the mobile lid and smudge out the edges. Then go over it with a back or dark grey eyeshadow and then use a slightly lighter shade of grey in the crease and to blend out all the edges. Then just run the darker shadow onto the lower lash line and add eyeliner and mascara. To finish off add a pale/ bone coloured shadow to the brow bone to highlight, I kept it matte but you could use a shimmery shade to make it slightly more glam. Quick, easy and effective and as it’s a grungey look it really doesn’t need to look perfect, the slight messiness adds to it.

Bronzing vs Contouring


*WATCH IN HD!* A video showing you the subtle differences between bronzing and contouring and how I personally like to do it. (Obviously this is a very subtle, natural way of doing both and some people do prefer a much stronger look which is also great, this is just how I do it day to day.) Hope you enjoy it!


Soleil Tan de Chanel*
Soap & Glory Solar Powder
Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Crown Contour Brush

Get Ready With Me- Drum&Bass Night


I went *out* out on Friday night and this is what I looked like… x