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Mini reviews of some beauty stuff I accumulated recently.

Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot
Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base
Queen Of Oil Argon Oil- **USE CODE QUEENY FOR 20% OFF!**
No.7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in Honey
NYX Doll Eyes Mascara
Colour Pop Eyeshadows in Nillionare & So Quiche, Matte X Lippie Stick in Topless, Gel Liner in Swerve
Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Evil Twin & Mrs. Roper

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USA Beauty Haul!


*WATCH IN HD* All the beauty stuff I picked up when I was in California in October. Bought from various places including Sephora, Target & Ulta.

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New Shizzle

Morning campers.

Today I thought I’d do a mini review of two products I recently bought. ‘Citing!

The first is Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser in Cocoa Radiant. Now, I think we can all agree that moisturising your entire body after a shower is a massive ball ache. But since my mum has been slathering me in moisturiser since I was born (“You’ll thank me when you’re older and don’t have skin like leather!”) it’s a step I cannot miss as my skin feels crepey and dusty and horrid if I don’t do it. So along comes this little bad boy to make the whole thing a lot easier.


Incase you haven’t figured it out yet, you spray it on. To be honest why wasn’t this invented ages ago? Sun cream have been doing it for years! It’s a continuous spray not a pump so you just spritz, rub it in and go. It’s quite light and absorbs quickly so you don’t have to wait around for that slightly sticky feeling to go away before putting on clothes (pulling skinny jeans onto freshly moisturised legs? Shudder.)

Now, I usually use the normal version of this exact moisturiser so I’m probably in quite a good position to compare. Sure, it was super easy to apply. It dried almost a tad too quickly if you ask me so I felt I had to apply more to feel like I’d covered everywhere. It is a lot thinner in texture to the normal one so you do need to use a bit more. I did feel moisturised straight afterwards but as the day went on I kind of felt like it was “wearing off” and started to feel a bit dry. My skin was still soft to the touch and wasn’t flaky, so it may just be that I was used to that thick, sticky feeling and need to adjust to the feeling of it being absorbed straight away? I don’t think it’s great to use on anywhere you get extra dry (hands and feet for me) so I had to revert to the normal stuff to feel like I’d properly moisturised that area. I personally wouldn’t recommend it if you have very dry skin as it’s just not thick enough so you may have to use loads.

Verdict: Very quick and easy to use, does the job for the most part though you may need normal moisturiser for drier areas. Ideal if you’re in a hurry. I feel like I’ve said “moisturise” a lot in this section. Oh well, it’s over now.

The second product is Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Whip. I bought this because I wanted something like mousse that wouldn’t leave my hair crunchy and I read on the Guardian website that a whip is the thing to go for and this was one of the recommended ones.


First things first- it ‘ain’t cheap at £7 something from Boots but I was really keen to try it as I thought it might work wonders for my curly cocker spaniel barnet (refer to a post from July- Hair Raising). Since buying it I haven’t actually left my hair fully curly because… well because I just don’t do that, so the real test will be when I go on holiday (yes, again.)

I would describe it as a pomade that has been whipped (duh) so it’s quite light and mousse like- but the texture of chocolate mousse not hair mousse… feel me? Anyway I’ve used it a couple of times to add volume and styled my hair normally. It says to use a walnut sized amount but I think walnuts are gross so I didn’t really know how much that was and I think I went slightly overboard because my fringe felt a bit coated afterwards. The second time I used less and it was fine- no yucky, product build up feeling. You work it into your roots the same way you would a mousse.

I have to say I think it did kind of work. Now I must add that I have recently cut layers into my hair to it has more of a bounce anyway but this definitely added lift and there was no crunchy feeling at all. I’m actually really excited to use it and leave my hair curly because I think it’ll really help with the flatness at the top. And it smells good.

Verdict: Does the job but not something I’ll be using every day (which is probs for the best at that price.) There must be a cheaper alternative out there that’s just as good or better? Let me know if any of you have found one.

Over and out.

Hair Raising

I have struggled with my hair since forever. It is naturally quite curly but not pretty, bouncy curly or even ringlet-y curly. The curls don’t follow a pattern, they are just completely haywire but also the top of my hair is straight and quite flat and only starts to curl from about the tops of my ears so I look like a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and Rick James. Plus it’s quite fluffy so even if it starts out looking o.k it just turns into a frizz fest after a couple of hours.

I’ve blow dried or straightened my hair for as long as I can remember. I mean, it must have always looked crap because my parents used to blow dry my hair straight for me when I was about 6, no joke! I used to have really long hair down to my bum and then they cut it all off into a jaw line bob (I was quite ill as a child and my mother had a theory that it was because all my vitamins and minerals were being absorbed by my hair so cutting it off would help… Like a reverse Sampson, if you will.) What those fools failed to realise is, you can’t have a jaw line bob when you have fluffy, Cocker Spaniel hair so they then had to blow dry it for me to make it look sleek. NO WONDER I HATE MY NATURAL HAIR!

The thing is I have no idea how to style it to make it look semi-decent when left curly. I do when I’m on holiday and stuff because ‘aint nobody got time for straighteners if you’re going in the pool/ sea everyday but I usually just have it tied up all the time because it looks shite. It’s neither here nor there. If it was that full on, proper springy, nicely formed type of curl I’d probably leave it curly a lot more. Or I’d love to have slightly tousled, beachy waves that look great natural but are also easy to straighten but I was lumped with neither and both of those all at once. I don’t even know how to describe it really, I’ve never seen anyone with curls as rubbish as mine!

The fluffiness also means that just blow drying won’t actually straighten it. Well, it does if a hairdresser does it properly but I have no skill in that department what soever so I just use the hair dryer to speed up drying time. I recently asked for a super-duper one for my Birthday and because it’s so powerful it does actually help with the straightening a bit. It’s an ETI Turbodryer 3500 (sounds v. high-tech) and comes with the proper thin nozzles that hair dressers use. My friend recommended it to me as he bought one for his girlfriend. Back in the day, before fancy hair dryers and amazing straighteners my mum used to blow dry my hair straight for me every time I washed it, probably up until I was about 19! I was so picky about it having ANY kinks she even considered doing a hairdressing course so she could get better at it hahaha! Oh God, my poor mum.

After drying I use straighteners. I use the wide plated GHDs, which are the BEST I’ve ever used and I bought my pair back in, like, 2004 and they still work fine! (Touch wood…) My first pair were by Daniel Hersheson and they were amazing at the time. My mum read about them and bought them for me, probably praising the heavens all the way to the shop. It used to take me an hour to an hour and a half to straighten my hair because it was so thick and long (and frizzy.) It was SUCH a ball ache. I used to have to set aside an entire afternoon if I was washing my hair. Then I discovered the amazing GHDs and haven’t looked back since. I used to have my hair POKER straight, so it still took a fair while but now I prefer to leave a bit of a wave in it so it takes less time it used to, especially since I cut all my hair off a few months ago. I still envy those who can just wash and go though.

I’ve been through a billion different hair products in my life time but always in the form of a cream and then a serum. At the moment they’re both Frizz Ease as I do find it is the best for taming my frizz (funny that). Though with serum you can use any old cheap stuff as they’re all the same thing really. I try to use a hair oil now and then to save it from drying out from all that heat. My mum used to put good old fashioned olive in my hair when I was younger and it works a treat so no need to splash big bucks on something fancy there either. To get the tousled beach look I so desire I’ve just started using Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. It is a bit pricey but it’s the best salt spray I’ve found. The others leave a residue or leave my hair crunchy. Gross.

I’ve tried using different products to tame the curly beast but to no avail. Mousse makes it way too crispy. Serum helps tame the fluff a bit but doesn’t help with the curl structure. If anyone can recommend any good products available in the UK then PLEASE let me know as I’d love to be able to leave my hair natural more often and be happy with it.

Curl Power.