Reach for the Lasers


Sorry, I’ve been rub-a-dub-ish at posting lately. Well, I was in Ibiza for a week (yes, amazing) but I’ve been back for a while so no excuse really.
So this is a quickie just to show you another great shellac colour, the greeny/yellowy (more yellow really) neony one. It looked really good and I got quite a few compliments from randoms actually, which is always nice innit? Ibiza was fab as always, the bight colour went great with a bit of a tan and the backdrop of neon lights. Weirdly enough as I was on the tube to the airport I realised my nails kind of matched again, maybe this could be a theme! They lasted a full week with 0 chips then v. minimal chipping for a couple of days but obviously the sun, sea and sun cream meant it was never gonna last as long. Anyway as you already know I’m a happy bunny when it comes to this brand (see past posts for details) they are cheap as chips and do the job nicely. Got a burgundy one to try for Autumn/Winter so updates on that as and when.



Totes Balearic…

And of course the classic tube, Line Camera shot (can something be a classic after only one previous? Lets go with yes.)


The neon-ness doesn’t really come across in the pics annoyingly, just looks like normal yellow but they were wells rave-tastic, honest!
Ok so thats it. More videos soon come, hopefully with a better camera. Had a few people go out and buy that Sally Hansen polish so I must be doing something right…?

Hasta luego!


Acid Trip

Buongiorno tutti!

Just a quickie to show you the 2 new gel polish shades I bought from eBay (which I mention in a previous post.) I’ll let the picture do the talking first:


Um, hiyaaaaaaaaa how fit are these acid brights?! PERFECT for Summer… Ok Summer’s nearly over but I’m going to Ibiza soon so… yeah. I’m yet to try the green so I’ll be rocking it over on the White Isle fo’ sho’.

Consistency wise the orange was a bit less opaque than some other polishes and I applied it quite thinly, which I think contributed to it having a few small chips within a week. Most blogs I’ve read or YouTube vids I’ve watched recommend you apply v. thin coats to stop it chipping but I think this may be a weaker formula than the name brands and would benefit from having one of the coloured coats applied thicker. I had a few chips after a week but the thing is they are sooooooo cheap and have way more colour options than I’ve ever seen before so I don’t really mind that they don’t last as long as my actual branded Gelish colour (which has been known to last 3 weeks, boom!) I think it may just be a case of adjusting my technique slightly to find how to make it last as long as poss. But hey, a whole week without chips is still gut enough for me! Plus a massive saving of around £30 by DIY-ing? Not too shabby at all my friend.

Anyhoo, the day after I was on the Overground to Hackney and realised my nails matched the train! So I made this beautiful work of art with my new favourite app, Line Camera…


That’s ‘so cute’ for those of you who don’t watch Happy Endings (what are you doing with your life? Go watch it NOW!)