The Look: Blue Eyeliner & Orange Lips

I’ve wanted to try this look for ages so decided to play around and give it ago and I really like how it turned out. ‘Scuse the brows y’all, they’re in dire need of a thread!

Also a little annoyed with how the base turned out, I really wanted it to be super bronzed and glowy but my contour went slight patchy on my cheeks for some reason. Laaaaame.

For the eyes & lips I used:

  • Laura Mercier Crème Eyeliner in Cobalt*
  • MAC Matte Lipstick in So Chaud

blue eyes orange lips edit 1blue eyes orange lips edit 2blue eyes orange lips edit 3blue eyes orange lips edit 4


Get Ready With Me- Drum&Bass Night


I went *out* out on Friday night and this is what I looked like… x

Optimus Primer


So what is the deal with face primers? ‘Cause like, they’re meant so create a smooth surface for applying foundation and they’re supposed to hold it in place, making it last longer and blah blah blah riiiiiight? HOWEVER, I was told by the tutor on the make up course I did (who is also a professional MUA, obv) that silicone based primers, which almost all  primers are, actually make your make up slide around and not to bother using them… I used to use MAC Prep and Prime all the time but stopped after I was told this and haven’t really noticed any difference to be honest. Actually I dunno, I can never really tell how long my foundation is or isn’t lasting. I never take any out with me as I can’t be arsed to carry it round so I never top it up even if it has worn off… I only really top up blusher, eyeliner and lipstick and sometimes powder. So anyway, I tried to find a water based face primer I could buy on the high street and it is pretty much impossible. You have to get some fancy shmancy one from some where or other and I am not up for spending that much.

I loves me an eye shadow primer though and I switch between a MAC Paint Pot in Painterly and Too Faced Shadow Insurance which are both really good (and stop your eye shadow from doing that gross crease thing, in case you didn’t know!) And I also live and die by MAC Prep and Prime Lip which slightly mosturises your lips but when it’s dried a bit also creates a sort of sticky base for the lippie to cling too and stops it feathering etc.

Anyway so this turned out to be more of a general rant than anything else but hey ho.

A Touch of the MACabre


Hi boys and ghouls and welcome to the HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! OOOooooooOOOOooooHHHHhhhh!!

Last weekend I went to a Halloween party. I wanted to go as a kind of zombie/ ghost/ corpse bride type thing because I have a bridesmaids dress that is essentially a wedding dress so was gonna team that with some spooky ass make up and a tiara, natch. Then I got the fear that other people at the party wouldn’t be as dressed up as me and I’d look silly so I removed the wedding dress from the equation and wore all black instead. Genius.
Two of my friends were going as characters from the film The Craft so I kind of went in with them but really I just looked like a massive goth, which is fine by me ’cause I loves me a goth.

Here we are in all our 90’s, Wiccan glory:
-Watch out for those weirdos girls

-We are the weirdos, Mr. 

Quite good that, innit?! For the make up I used mainly MAC stuff so thought I’d talk you through what I used and how I did it.


  • Ok, so foundation wise I wanted to look a bit paler that normal so I used my friend’s foundation, which was really weird as it was really thick and matte and kind of grey in colour so felt a bit like rubbing cement into your face (fun!) I’d never heard of the brand before and I can’t remember the name so thats mega helpful but I wouldn’t recommend it anyway.
  • I finished the base with a dusting of loose powder and yadda yadda yadda.
  • I didn’t use blusher because I was trying to look ghostly but I did whack some bronzer under my cheekbones in an attempt to make myself look more gaunt. I used MAC Studio Tech in NW43 and a Real Techniques brush.
  • Filled in ma’ brows with a MAC Eyebrow Crayon in Stud but was a bit more heavy handed than usual because scary people have big, dark eyebrows… obv.


  • For an eyeshadow base I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
  • Then I smudged MAC Black Track all over the lower part of the lid with my finger and blended it up and out with a fluffy eye shadow brush.
  • This is where the magic happens! I patted on MAC Pigment in Blue Brown all over the lower part of the lid and into the crease with a flat shader brush and then blended up and out with the same fluffy brush from the previous step. This pigment is the stuff dreams are made of! On its own it comes out as a subtle shimmery brown with blue and green shimmer running through it but layered over Black Track it creates this amazing, Blue Bottle Fly, shimmery green colour thats almost holographic. And well scary, obviously… I LURVE it!
  • I then blended in MAC eyeshadow in Black Tied around the edges to soften them (same brush) which is a black eyeshadow with silver glitter running through it.
  • I use MAC eyeshadow in Vex to highlight my brow bone with a short, fat highlighter brush (I made that term up) and blended Black Tied into it with the same fluffy brush. Vex is a kind of off white/ grey shadow with a green and pink pearl finish and is also kind of holographic. I should’ve done swatches but I ‘aint that organised…
  • I roughly smudged some Rimmel Scandal-Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Black over my top and bottom lash line, then blended some Blue Brown pigment under the lower lashes too.
  • I used L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara on top and bottom lashes.


  • I used MAC Prep and Prime lip and then lined and filled my lips in with a Dolce & Gabbana Precision Lip Liner in 4, which is a kind of plummy shade.
  • I then used MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Good To Be Bad (amazing name!)

Here endeth the lesson.

To be honest, as I’m a bit of a goth at heart I would probably wear a slightly more toned down version of this look on a night out. With my own foundation and a whisper of blusher I’d look less dead so, you know…


Happy Halloween Bitches.

The Lipstick Lowdown

Hey Gang,

As some of you will already know, I got a lorra lorra love for lipsticks so I thought I would list my ultimate faves. Below are a selection of the ones I use most. I tried my best to swatch them for you but the lighting in here sucks so they may look a tad different to how they actually come out. Also it depends on the person’s skin tone and blah blah.

17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in Showbiz
This stuff is the freaking bomb! It is my go to red, it’s the first one I started wearing on the reg and it’s nearly worn down to a nub which makes me sad and scared. It is such a perfect shade, it’s blue toned but goes with pretty much any skin tone. A friend of mine also wears it and she it white as cream with blue eyes and it looks sick on her too so there you go. Plus it lasts for aaaaaaaaaages, I hardly ever have to re apply it. It’s matte and is a teeeeeeny bit drying so balm up before hand but basically for me it can do no wrong. I wear it day and night but it’s pretty bold so if you’re not used to wearing red lipstick keep it for after dark.

Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick in Watch Out!
This is a great day to night product. It comes out fairly sheer so you can build up the colour or keep it subtle. More of an orangey red and smells like watermelon bubblegum. Also being Miss Sporty it was really cheap, score! As it’s not matte it doesn’t dry your lips put at all but is also not as long lasting.

MAC Matte Lipstick in So Chaud 
Goes on super creamy but is incredibly matte. Also an orange toned red, very bold, very awesome. V. simillar to Watch Out in colour but bolder (and obviously not sheer). High impact colour, pretty long lasting. Look s great on my olive skin as well as pale skin and I think it would look amazing on dark skin. LOVE IT.

Revlon Creme Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice
Lovely and creamy (duh), lasts beautifully. Another red but has more of a pink tone, even though it’s a bold shade the pink it it softens it a bit. Bright and fun and pretty but still packs a punch.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in In Vogue 
Another one I’ve had for ages that I use a lot. A bright, blue toned fuchsia with a creamy texture. Looks great on olive skin (even better when I have a tan) think it might wash out a paler face though. I see this as, like, my party colour so I only really wear it at night. Goes great with raves.

Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 701 
Kind of disappointed that this doesn’t have a cool name. Anyway its a much deeper, dark red. Kind of a wine colour, blue toned. Comes out quite dark on me but a tad lighter on paler skin I think. Great for Autumn/ Winter. Even though it is also a Rimmel Lasting Finish this one is more matte (as opposed to In Vogue which is creamy).

Revlon Matte Super Lustrous Lipstick in Smoked Peach 
This is a very pretty nude lipstick. I usually wear it to weddings with a smokey eye but looks great on it’s own as well. The finish is slightly matte but the texture is pretty creamy. It’s one downfall is that it doesn’t last as long as the other Revlon and tends to feather a bit even if used with a lip primer. Still a great nude shade that can be worn day or night.

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Vegas Volt 
A pink toned peach colour. Looks great on olive- dark skin, not sure about pale. It’s quite Spring/Summery, I wore it on holiday a lot. Again can be worn day or night, I prefer it as a day shade for me. Very creamy, not super long lasting but not doesn’t rub off at the drop of a hat either. Looks great with a slightly shimmery, glowing face. It’s pretty fab.


“Natural” Beauty…

Oh Heyyyyyyyyy,

I’m going to do a quickie about my “no makeup” make up look. Some days I don’t want to do a full face of make up because I’m not doing anything major apart from maybe going to the shops or going round a friend’s house for a coffee but I still would like to avoid looking like the undead. So on these days I use a little bit of make up here and there to hide all manner of unsightly things but not enough so that it looks like I’ve put any make up on. This allows me to trick the outside world into thinking that this is what I look like with no make up on. Yes, it’s genius, I’m expecting my Nobel Prize any day now.

1. Diorskin Nude BB Creme in 003 (or whatever BB cream I happen to be using at the time.) Now I’m not reeeeeeaaally sure I know the difference between a tinted moisturiser and a BB cream but the latter claims to hide blemishes better so I’ll go for that. This particular one, like all of my other high end make up, was purchased as a gift for me by my darling ma. The coverage is good, better than some others I’ve used. It’s not particularly moisturising though, I feel like it gets absorbed into my skin really quickly so I sometimes use a normal moisturiser first, like I would before putting on foundation.

2. L’oréal Voluminous Mascara ( or whatever mascara I happen to be blah blah bah) I use a minimal amount. Hardly any at all, just enough to re-blacken the lashes really as the BB cream will turn them a bit ghostly.

3. MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte Face Powder (from the Archie collection) A v. light dusting onto cheeks, bridge of nose and sometimes eyelids. Just perks up the skin a bit.

4. Blusher Whatever I happen to be using. Today it’s MAC Creamblend Blush in Posey which give a rosy cheecked effect. Again, I only push a small amount into the skin with a brush as I want it to look as natural as poss. Like I’m one of those active people that eat a lot of fruit (HA!)

The End. Please refer to ‘after’ pics below. Didn’t do a ‘before’ one this time as a) I forgot and b) there’s one in a previous post, nobody needs to see that mess too many times.

SAM_0290 SAM_0306


PS: When I take selfies with this camera (because I don’t have any kind of fancy schmancy, tripod set up) it makes me look like a cross eyed frog person so mega soz.