Nailed It!

OH DEAR, I haven’t blogged in ruddy ages because I got another job (yay and boo) and I am still at work now but it’s quiet so thought I would do a cheeky one.

So we all know I’m a massive shellac fan but I have really rekindled my love of normal nail polishes lately. One of them is an old fave, my gorgeous Lime Crime Pastelchio and then a few new ones…

The first two are a couple of Bourjois ones that came in the goody bag at the Company Magazine Beauty Forum. One is a really inky black called Noir de Chine from the Ultra Shine So Laque! range and the other is a shimmery gold number which I can’t find a name for but is number 18 from their 1 Seconde Gel range. Both lasted quite well, I used my Sally Hansen Green Tea & Bamboo Strengthener as a base and top coat and they both look really nice and shiny.

The second two are both Topshop. Now, I’ve never used Topshop polishes before and I was mildly disappointed by one aspect and v. impressed by others.
Lets start with the bad news first… They were both matte polishes, the first was a grey colour called Light Brizzle (which just doesn’t make any sense, lets be honest) and the second was a red called Cryptic. Basically they just weren’t as matte as I would have liked. They were matte but with a slight shine to them so it didn’t really look like they were supposed to be matte, just kind of looked like they were a bit cheap/ had been applied badly. The grey one looked ok to be fair but it didn’t really work with the red. Also the mate effect wore off quite quickly so they became more shiny as they day went on. In the end I just put a top coat over the red to make it properly shiny.

Oh dear, think this was taken after getting home late on Saturday night… (They seem to come out a bit pinker tones in the pic, they are a much truer red in real life.)

The good news… Both colours are great! The grey has a kind of blueish/ indigo tone to it which was fab and looks really sophisticated (even on the likes of me!) and the red is a really great true red (doesn’t pull too blue or too orange so would suit most, if not all skin tones). The grey lasted ages! Like a week with only a few chips round the edge. Am on the 3rd day of wearing the red and it still looks great, in future I’ll just wear it as a normal nail polish with a top coat and not a matte.

I still love my shellac but my nails really needed a break plus it’s such a ball ache to take off properly that I just end up peeling it which really effs my poor nails up. It’s nice to have a break and be able to change colour around more often and with the Sally Hansen topcoat they haven’t been taking v. long to try so yeeeeaaahhhh.

In other news there is so much make-up I am craving at the mo like all the special edition Christmassy things and just general cult shizzle like Hourglass Ambient Light powders which cost a BOMB and Hydralauron which I don’t know if I really need to be honest but I just want it because I want it ahhhh!


Things I Like 1


A likkle vid about some things I purchased recently that I really like (and one thing I’m not a fan of) plus a couple of old faves. La la la, hope you like.

*DISCLAIMER* The nail polish I am referring to is NOT actually by the brand ‘Gellish’, that was a slip up (my bad). It is from eBay and is a gel polish/ shellac colour.

Reach for the Lasers


Sorry, I’ve been rub-a-dub-ish at posting lately. Well, I was in Ibiza for a week (yes, amazing) but I’ve been back for a while so no excuse really.
So this is a quickie just to show you another great shellac colour, the greeny/yellowy (more yellow really) neony one. It looked really good and I got quite a few compliments from randoms actually, which is always nice innit? Ibiza was fab as always, the bight colour went great with a bit of a tan and the backdrop of neon lights. Weirdly enough as I was on the tube to the airport I realised my nails kind of matched again, maybe this could be a theme! They lasted a full week with 0 chips then v. minimal chipping for a couple of days but obviously the sun, sea and sun cream meant it was never gonna last as long. Anyway as you already know I’m a happy bunny when it comes to this brand (see past posts for details) they are cheap as chips and do the job nicely. Got a burgundy one to try for Autumn/Winter so updates on that as and when.



Totes Balearic…

And of course the classic tube, Line Camera shot (can something be a classic after only one previous? Lets go with yes.)


The neon-ness doesn’t really come across in the pics annoyingly, just looks like normal yellow but they were wells rave-tastic, honest!
Ok so thats it. More videos soon come, hopefully with a better camera. Had a few people go out and buy that Sally Hansen polish so I must be doing something right…?

Hasta luego!

Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea and Bamboo Strengthener


EEEK, my first video! Soz about the terrible quality etc. I want to start doing more vids so hopefully I’ll eventually have some better equipment. It’s kind of a trial run as I’ve never done one before so please don’t get all up in my grill about how rubbish it is (I already know!) Practice makes perfect y’all.

Acid Trip

Buongiorno tutti!

Just a quickie to show you the 2 new gel polish shades I bought from eBay (which I mention in a previous post.) I’ll let the picture do the talking first:


Um, hiyaaaaaaaaa how fit are these acid brights?! PERFECT for Summer… Ok Summer’s nearly over but I’m going to Ibiza soon so… yeah. I’m yet to try the green so I’ll be rocking it over on the White Isle fo’ sho’.

Consistency wise the orange was a bit less opaque than some other polishes and I applied it quite thinly, which I think contributed to it having a few small chips within a week. Most blogs I’ve read or YouTube vids I’ve watched recommend you apply v. thin coats to stop it chipping but I think this may be a weaker formula than the name brands and would benefit from having one of the coloured coats applied thicker. I had a few chips after a week but the thing is they are sooooooo cheap and have way more colour options than I’ve ever seen before so I don’t really mind that they don’t last as long as my actual branded Gelish colour (which has been known to last 3 weeks, boom!) I think it may just be a case of adjusting my technique slightly to find how to make it last as long as poss. But hey, a whole week without chips is still gut enough for me! Plus a massive saving of around £30 by DIY-ing? Not too shabby at all my friend.

Anyhoo, the day after I was on the Overground to Hackney and realised my nails matched the train! So I made this beautiful work of art with my new favourite app, Line Camera…


That’s ‘so cute’ for those of you who don’t watch Happy Endings (what are you doing with your life? Go watch it NOW!)

Millennium Nails UV Gel Manicure Kit


I’m a big fan of gel/shellac manicures. They look super shiny and last ages which is pretty much everything you want from a good manicure. However they ‘ain’t exactly cheap. My local salon does them for £30 or £35 if you’re also having a previous manicure taken off and £30-£35 a month adds up!

So when I saw an offer from Millennium Nails in Company Magazine I was very intrigued. It was kind of long time ago so sorry if the details aren’t exactly right but I think it was 70% off their UV gel kit (pictured above) which included:

  • UV lamp with set of bulbs
  • UV gel cleanser
  • Acetone polish remover
  • Pack of lint free wipes
  • Top and base coat
  • Your choice of 4 colour polishes

With the discount all of the above came to a mere £80 (approx.) which is an absolute bargain if you ask me!

I went ahead and bought it with the intention of saving money on my own manicures and offering them to friends and family. Now, I’m not a professional nail technician, I don’t have any qualifications or anything but I wear nail polish a lot and have had a few manicures in my time so I know the basics.

On the whole the kit is very good (especially for that price!) One thing I will say is, some of the colour examples they give on the site are slightly different to what you receive (I later ordered a 5th colour which I thought was a baby/pastel pink but the actual colour was more of a fuchsia and is very similar to the pink I chose in my original 4.)

I’ve had the kit for a few months now so my technique is definitely improving. Though my first attempt (shown below) was somewhat shaky, I found the kit very easy to use- the website has basic instructions you can follow and I was happy with the results as they lasted nearly a full 2 weeks.


The second attempt was on my housemate’s nails and hers also lasted 2 weeks however this was not always the case. One friend had hers chip after less than a week, others said theirs lasted up to 3 weeks and a couple of my own chipped within a week. Everyone’s nails were properly prepped before hand (cleaned, buffed, filed etc.) and cured under the lamp for the correct amount of time so I’m not really sure why the results were inconsistent. It could have been a number of things I guess (me getting used to using the kit, the condition of each persons nails, what they were doing with their hands or the quality of the polishes.)

In any case I’m really happy with the kit. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it and saved myself a few quid in the process so I’m really glad I bought it and would definitely recommend it for personal use. Some examples of manicures I’ve given to friends can be seen in this blog’s header and a more recent personal attempt is shown below. As you can see the finish is a lot neater now!