In Good Company


So a while back I was scrolling through Twitter, trying to kill time at work when I saw a tweet from Company magazine advertising their blogging forum. It was £25 for a ticket (which included an amaze goody bag) and featured speakers such as Susie Bubble of Style Bubble fame. Anyway seeing as I’m new to the “Bloggersphere” (I kind of hate using that word, sounds so pretentious) I thought I’d better bag myself a ticket and get some tips from the pros.

I went along with my pal Tessa, who’s musings can be found at Sow-blog (her last name’s Sowry, people call her Sow Dogg, it’s a thing ok?!)

Upon arrival it was clear that most people in attendance were style bloggers, aka super trendy and had made LOADS of effort to sit in a lecture theatre for a couple of hours but I guess if style is your “thing” you’ve got to look super stylish at all times. Needless to say, Tessa and I felt slightly under dressed. Even more so when we were approached by a couple of Candy Kittens in black Lycra and platform heels… but they gave us free lollipops so thumbs up! Ooh, we also got a free glass of pink bubbly on arrival which always goes down a treat.


After a bit of milling around, judging each other, we were let into the lecture hall where everyone promptly tore into their goody bags. There was loads of good stuff in them, namely; Batiste Dry Shampoo which, personally I can never have enough of. A bottle of leave in conditioner from somewhere or other (yet to be used), a copy of Company (natch), a bottle of ginger beer, some other stuff that I can’t remember and A TEMPERLY FILOFAX! It’s really pretty, it looks more like a clutch and even has a built in purse! The design is kind of like a yellow and black tribal print but it’s hard to explain so I’ll put a photo up when I get home from work (yes, I am blogging at work. Ever the professional…) Anyway I feel well profesh with my new Temperly Filofax so whatever.


All the speakers were great, got a lot of good advice on how to make your blog unique and the importance of interacting with other bloggers in the community etc. I even asked a question about swearing on blogs and got told it was a good one by Victoria White, the editor of Company! (@Companyedvic) I later tweeted this fact and SHE STARTED FOLLOWING ME! Such a social media pro… ahem. Also glimpsed Charlene of who’s style blog I love because she always looks AMAZING and I want all her clothes!

The other speakers were; Rhiannon Ashlee of Fashion Rocks My Socks, Roxanne Nejad from boohoo, Sally Burlison – PR and Social Media Manager for OhMyLove and Krista Madden – Managing Director at Handpicked Media.

So all in all I’d say it was £25 bloody well spent. Let’s see if my blogging technique improves. Back to “work”…